Walkerville Brewery Tasting Night

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I felt like a winner from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory contest. I was lucky enough to be one of the fortunate few, chosen from the 1100 people who subscribed to the Walkerville Brewery newsletter to participate in the taste. Seeing as we were allowed one guest with our admission. I decided to bring along my "cousin" Mikey G.

The night started with a talk by Marty Gervais on the book he wrote called "The Rum Runners". The book brings to light the significance of Windsor and Essex County-- especially in terms of how important this area was during the times of prohibition.

For the tasting portion of the night, we were given 3 samples of 2 different types of beer. 

The first was a pilsner and my personal favourite. It was light, refreshing with just a slight bitterness at the end. My only suggestion for improvement was a little bit more carbonation as it felt just a little flat for my personal taste.

The second sample was a Premium Lager. This one was Mikey's favourite. It was still a really refreshing, easy drink, with a fruity undertone. We were also brought out an unfiltered, non carbonated version of the Premium Lager which will be the one going to market. 

The beers will initially be available as kegs to local restaurants and pubs as well as very cool looking 64 oz growlers. I guess I better start making some room in my fridge ;)


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