Dining establishments will be rated, overall, on a "plate" scale. 
One plate being POOR, five plates being OUTSTANDING.


When it comes to me rating establishments, a lot comes into play.
Below are some of the qualities I take into consideration.
  • QUALITY OF FOOD - Let's face it, if  you are going out be it for a quick breakfast, a meeting over lunch, or a family dinner in the evening-- the food better be damn good. Was it fresh? Cooked properly? etc.
  • SERVICE - Having worked internationally as a server, as well as dining in a wide assortment of dining establishments, this one ranks pretty high for me. The food can be incredible, but if the service is lacking... there is a good chance I will never go back. Were employees smiling/welcoming upon entering the establishment? Was I asked how the food was? Did I have to ask for refills? Were dishes cleared quickly upon being finished?
  • ATMOSPHERE - Did the physical appearance of the establishment question me even being there? Were there dirty dishes on tables waiting to be cleared? Were the tables looking as though they were standing on their last leg? Does it feel welcoming? etc.
  • ORIGINALITY - How was the food presented? Is this just your run of the mill establishment? Could you get this sort of experience anywhere else?
  • PRICE* - Now depending on the type of venue, was the price paid worth it. Portion size isn't the only thing considered when evaluating price. All the above mentioned qualities are considered when it comes down to price. Food, Environment, Service, and Originality.
*Originally price was included as a category to be rated and incorporated into the overall rating of the establishment. As of April 18, 2009 this was adjusted. Due to reader feedback, I have decided to just list pricing on a separate scale where prices are listed. Pricing shouldn't affect the overall rating of a restaurant, but rather can be reflected in the other categories including food, serve, and atmosphere.

The following scale is used to determine how "affordable" the venue is. 
$= Cheap
$$= Affordable
$$$= Pricey
$$$$= Expensive