Las Vegas Getaway....

Sunday, April 28, 2013

To be totally honest, I had the intention to use my first trip to Vegas as a food adventure trip. Afterall, it is said to be the home of the best buffets in the world. And with a deal like Caesar's Entertainments "Buffet of Buffets" where you have 24 hours to eat at their 6 casino buffets for as low as $40 you could say I was excited.

But who was I kidding, first time in Vegas and with my friends Dustin and Amy food took a back seat to the party scene ;)

I did have the chance to try out the American sensation chain-restaurant Chipotle's. I wish we had one of these, right here in Windsor, Ontario. It was delicious, affordable and probably the second best Mexican I have tried. First best Mexican still goes to Mamasitas in Melbourne, Australia. But for a chain-restaurant.... it was really, really good.

Of the Vegas buffets, we had breakfast at The Quad's Emperor's Buffet one morning. To be honest, the buffet was not worth it at all. The waffles were rock hard from the heat lamps, the sausage overly fatty and flavourless, and the scrambled eggs tasted like rubberized sponge. The highlight of this meal was probably the large assortment of desserts and the mimosas that kicked off that day's festivities.

Another buffet that we tried was Harrah's Flavors . For just $24, I could say it was worth it. I only made it through one round (barely... but that story stays in Vegas ;) ) but wish I could have gone up for seconds and thirds. The Buffet was divided by cultures, with Mexican tacos, Japanese sushi, Chinese General Tao's chicken, Italian pasta and pizza, North American Roast Beef (cooked perfectly), and of course the staple salad bar. The gelato is also a must try here, I had the raspberry and it was delicious. I would definitely recommend you given this buffet a try.

On this trip, we also ate at the Food Network featured restaurant, Hash House A Go-Go. I had the feature sage fried chicken benedict. It was a HUGE portion, which included a spicy hollandaise, two decent portions of fried chicken, two eggs, mash potatoes, and decorated with sweet bell peppers and a large sprig of rosemary.


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