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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've been having people ask if I have given up on Diner's Dish..... OF COURSE NOT! Food is a passion, and Diner's Dish is my way of living out that passion.

So why the lack of updates?

Many reasons. Lack of internet on Pelee Island for the first part of the summer was a major component. The other thing is.... I started my own coffee and tea company-- One Earth Coffee & Teas.

That's right! My dream of roasting my own fair trade, organic coffees with sustainability for both the planet and humanity at the forefront has finally come to life. If you read my "About Me" you will see that during my two years in Australia coffee became a MAJOR part of my life. I mean it always was since growing up, be it nonno getting up at 6am to make me an espresso or the lunch espresso, or the after dinner espresso.... you get the picture. But while in Australia I was immersed in the Melbourne coffee business. Starting off as a barista at a cafe in the suburbs and ending off with working at Beans & Bagels, a coffee roastery in Fitzroy.

One Earth Coffee & Teas is my new start-up business. With just a small 1 pound roaster at the moment, I am able to roast fair trade coffees and teas on demand. None of this roast the coffee and have it sit in the store for months deal. Just genuine, freshly roasted coffee when YOU place the order, sent out in the mail by the very next day at the latest.

I also have worked out a partnership with an amazing Canadian tea wholesaler who is supplying me with fair trade, organic, and biodynamic teas.

I'm excited to see where this takes me and am anxious to upgrade my roaster to a 6lb on already. Thanks in advance for your support of both Diner's Dish & One Earth Coffee & Teas. It means alot!

Giovanni &

ps. Use the discount code: 'dinersdish' on checkout and I'll take 10% off your order.


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