Reminiscing on Pelee Island: Lebanese Night with Aggy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Just like the Italian food night I put on alongside my mother, there were two other cultural food nights that took place on Pelee Island this summer. The first one that started the trend was the Lebanese Night with Aggy.

Aggy is not only an employee of Pelee Island Winery but also has her own catering business. She specializes in AUTHENTIC Lebanese foods, and let me tell you-- this woman is AMAZING!

For the Pelee Island Winery Lebanese food night she offered up hommus, babganoush, tabouli, kaftas (lamb and beef kebabs to put it in layman's terms), stuffed grape leaves, and for dessert-- baklava. Honestly, some of the best lebanese I've ever tried.

Aggy also had her famous garlic sauce served amongst her food selections. Her sauce is delicious, good for your heart, and is sure to keep vampires away too. Its a special mix of canola oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. Simple as that, but way too special of an outcome to pass up.

Unless you were at the Lebanese night, you truly missed out. But lucky for you, Aggy is able to cater your next event or if you were just interested in purchasing a bottle of her garlic sauce I believe they retail for $8 and worth every penny. The sauce is so versatile goes with any type of meat from fish, to burgers, to steaks. Stock up now and get nature's cold prevention remedy in bottle form from Aggy ;)

Contact Aggy via email at: 
or phone: 519-322-4895

Don't forget to tell her you heard about her from Gio :D


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