Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There comes a time in every young adult's life, where we wish we were kids once again. Halloween is one of those holidays where I often wish I could be a kid again, dressing up in a costume and go door to door collecting candies and chocolate. When I am home for Halloween, I tend to be the assigned one to answer the door and distribute the candies to the kids I am envious of. 

This year was different.

Katie (left) Matt (right) both scary in
their own ways.
My friends Katie and Matt invited me to Trick or Eat this year. Trick or Eat is a campaign run by Meal Exchange collecting funds and canned goods for local food shelters. Often, it is church and school groups who take up the torch. We are neither. We are just good friends who wanted to have fun this halloween while contributing to a great cause. ANYONE can participate, and I highly encourage you to do it next year.
My toilet paper mummy costume 

I pieced together a last minute costume and went out as a toilet paper-wrapped mummy; while Katie went as a scary skeleton and Matt as a "cowboy". We were more than often met with incredibly generous Leamingtonites who went out of their way to gather cans for us, as well as encouraging us to take some extra chocolate for our travels. We even had the offer of beer as a treat. Now that is a Halloween first ;) 

Overall, our night was a great success, having collected over 100 non-pershible food items. We chose to bring our donation to the local Leamington Salvation Army food bank who just this morning put out a press release expressing a greater than average need for donations. It feels good knowing we did our part.

To learn more about the Trick or Eat campaign visit:


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