EVENT: Toronto Food Truck Block Party @ Evergreen Brick Works

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It has been a while since I posted a review... or any blog post for that matter. I have been incredibly busy between my full-time job and the part-time cafe job. Between the two, my time has been consumed leaving just 6 hours a day to sleep (and nothing else). I managed to take a few weekends off from both jobs and had some pretty amazing foodie weekends. Cinco de Mayo weekend was just a start. The destination-- Toronto.

My friend Adam has been living in Toronto since taking a job there last summer. He's a huge foodie (admittedly a bigger one than I am) having been essentially raised at Wong's Restaurant in Leamington, Ontario. 

He has been harassing me to come down and check out the amazing food festivals constantly happening in Toronto. Sending me menus or pictures just to rub it in my face, as any good friend would.

He sent me the details for a Food Truck Festival. Surely this was something I couldn't miss out on.

Food Trucks have been a trend becoming pretty popular south of the border (United States not Mexico). The popularity of delicious food being served out of a street food truck is only starting to pick up steam here in Canada. The Street Food Block Party was a testament to that. 

The event was organized by The Food Truck Eats and the Toronto Underground Market to be held on May 5th at the Evergreen Brick Works. Originally organizers had expected about 700 attendees. Within the first few days of the event being posted on facebook, well over 800 people had already marked that they would be attending the event. In the end well over 3,000 street food enthusiasts attended the jam-packed event made up of 20 food vendors and 11 food trucks. The menus offered a vast-assortment of cuisine with an early bird menu from 5 to 8 and a late night menu being offered from 9 to 12. With it being Cinco de Mayo, you can bet your next paycheque that there were a whole lot of tacos.

Lining up before the gates open, people were already getting their game plans together. With over 3,000 people planning to attend people wanted to beat the theme-park style queues. At first Adam and I joked about the others on their phones tell friends where they should be and where to meet up. In the end, we did the same.

My First Stop: Buster's Sea Cove
My Picks: Lobster Roll with chips, and fish tacos.

Adam's First stop: Gorilla Cheese
His Picks: The Gorilla Sarducci - Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Fresh Basil, Balsamic Glaze on Multigrain; The Gordonopolis: Jensen's Mozzarella, Tomato, Red Onion, Feta, Black Olives, Fresh Oregano, Tzatziki on Multigrain

My Second Stop: Gastronomo Vagabundo
My Picks: Drunken Monkey (ice cream provided by Hometown), Fish Taco

HANDS DOWN WINNER: Gastronomo Vagabundo's
Drunken Monkey

Smoked Dark Chocolate, tequila-infused ice cream with
candied jalapenos.

While I waited in the extra long line for Gastronomo Vagabundo, Adam hit up Paese and Murguez House bringing me taste tests periodically.

Last Stop: MARGARITAS :)
We stopped by the Tromba Tequila booth for a quick drink before we hit the road. I mean, what is Cinco de Mayo if not Margaritas, right? Here's a recipe I picked up for their Tommy's Margarita (which was delicious).

2oz Tromba Blanco
1oz agave syrup (1/2 agave nectar + 1/2 water)
1oz fresh lime juice
3 dashes of grapefruit bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with lime twist.


The winner in my opinion was el Gastronomo Vagabundo's smoked dark chocolate ice-cream, with candied jalapenos on top. Will have to add this to my hypothetical "last meal" menu for sure.  Second place would go to Buster's Sea Cove  for their Fish Tacos.

Seeing as this was the first event of this caliber in Toronto, and it was a HUGE, SOLD-OUT success there is sure to be another encore next year. Definitely marking this down in my day planner. Adam, make room at your place :)



Anonymous at: Monday, August 20, 2012 11:55:00 AM said...

heard there was another event planned for Sept 8/12 - any truth to the rumour?

{ ad5ter } at: Monday, August 20, 2012 1:24:00 PM said...

This could very well be true. It is their 1 year anniversary in September so I can only imagine they will be planning something big. I will post on the Diner's Dish FB page if I find out anymore info.

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