REVIEW: Banh Mi Boys

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Banh Mi Boys
392 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: +1 (416) 363-0588

ATTIRE:  Casual
PRICES: E- $5 M- $7 
$$ Affordable

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Debit/EftPOS

HOURS: Monday to Friday 11am to 10pm
              Saturday 11am to 9pm
              Sunday Closed

RESERVATIONS? Walk-ins Welcome


        Quality of Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
   Originality: 4/5
        Atmosphere: 5/5

My Toronto trip continued. 

My friend Adam has been ranting and raving about this cool Asian-inspired sandwich shop that we have to check out the next time in Toronto. Now I know why. Banh Mi Boys is a cool, small, and incredibly busy sandwich shop with a twist-- an Asian twist. Why have just regular fries when you can have Kimchi Fries? Why have a regular ciabatta bun when you can have a steamed bao instead?

Five Spice Pork Bao
Upon entering the sandwich shop, there was a long lunch-hour line up to the door. I was starving and this didn't look good. However, the service was incredibly quick and the line moved at a steady pace. 

I decided to go with the Duck Confit Banh Mi and the Kimchi Fries. No longer than 5 minutes and my name was called to pick up my food at the counter. We quickly snagged the first available table before someone else did. We even saw a small verbal fight break out over someone that apparently laid claim to a table before getting their food. My tip, go with a friend. Have your friend grab a table when one comes available why you grab their food.

The food was delicious. The duck in the banh mi was sooo moist and the fresh veggies and cilantro made it taste so refreshing. The kimchi fries were AMAZING. Such an absurd concept, almost like poutine with kimchi on top but honestly soooo tasty. The food was so good at banh mi we ended up going back the following day because I wanted to try a bao. For those who have never tried an asian bao before it is like a soft, sponge like bun that is steamed rather than baked. Here, the filled it with my choice of the Five Spice Pork which was once again delicious.

For anyone travelling to Toronto, or living in Toronto and wanting someplace different and delicious to eat. I would definitely recommend Banh Mi Boys. Be careful though, if you go often enough they start to know you by name :)


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