Exciting Things Brewing in Walkerville

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Windsorites are waiting in eager anticipation for the re-launch of a historic Windsor landmark-- Walkerville Brewery.

The original Walkerville Brewery Company dates back to 1885, where it operated in a five-storey building in the area that is now Walker Road. It operated until 1956. 

In 1998, the brewery was reincarnated in a former Canadian Club blending house on Argyle Road. The reincarnated brewery made a name for itself winning numerous awards including a bronze medal at the 2006 World Beer Cup, a gold at the 2007 Canadian Brewing Awards, and even took the Canadian brewery of the year title in 2004.  The popular microbrewery however declared bankrupcy in 2007 citing increased demands and competition in the market.

Well, the Walkerville Brewery is back.... well almost. They have yet to officially launch, but under the new ownership of Chris Ryan and Mike Brkovich, the Walkerville Brewery is on track for a comeback at the 525 Argle Road location. They've launched their social media presence via their website just this past week. Their first edition of their newsletter also announced that they are now officially brewing:

Over the next 10 days, our proprietary yeast will be busy converting our wort to beer before it will be allowed to mature for approx 2-3 weeks to attain the desired flavour profiles of our initial styles.

(Walkerville Brewery Newsletter, Vol. 1 Issue 1)
 Next up, taste testing. Ryan and Brkovich are asking for help from the general public. Anyone who would be interested in being part of the taste testing groups, who will ultimately choose the Walkerville brews, can sign up via their website. Random subscribers to their newsletter will be emailed to participate. My fingers are crossed for my invite to would be an amazing highlight for the summer.

Either way, the relaunch of Walkerville Brewery is an exciting, and historic event for Windsor and Essex County. Bring on the beer :)


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