INTRODUCTION: 1st Official Diner's Dish Contributor!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hey everyone!! Adam here, making my debut post. You may have seen my name pop up in some (or a lot ) of Gio’s review and event blogs. Ever since moving to the big city for a taste of the real world after college, I’ve been immersed in a culinary wonderland and instead of me texting and sending him pictures of all the amazing food and event’s I’ve seen, heard and/or been to, he came up with the brilliant idea of me being an official contributor to Diner’s Dish!!

So here I am, Adam Hoang, the Ragin’ (Can)Asian here to report to you all the incredible gastronomic adventures of the GTA  (and hopefully beyond) !!

Much like Gio’s family (swap Sicilian-Canadian to Viet/Chinese-Canadian), food is what the Hoang’s are known for. As mentioned already, I grew up in the restaurant business in Leamington with my parents owning and operating Wong’s Dining Lounge for nearly 3 decades now.

Being a 1st generation Viet/Chin-adian, I’ve gotten to experience some of the best Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine by 2 of the best cooks I know; my parents. From bold and hearty Cantonese to fresh and vibrant Vietnamese flavours, “what’s for dinner?” is always an adventure at the Hoang household.

Furthermore, ever since my family immigrated to Canada, excellent Western cuisine was also mastered. Some of you may be skeptical but next Thanksgiving, be sure to find me in the back yard of my parent’s house preparing a southern fried turkey and you won’t question it twice!
Anyways, I hope my added contributions to this flourishing blog add another point of view and give you an enjoyable reading experience. Thanks to Gio for having me a part of the Diner’s Dish Collaboration!

'til next time…

食飯/Chúc ngon miệng !!

Adam Hoang
Twitter: @ad5ter


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