REVIEW: Roy Thai

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roy Thai Restaurant
636 Talbot Street East
Leamington, Ontario, Canada 

Phone: +1(519)326-7349

Storefront with Owners Leo & Nipada

Type of Restaurant: Thai 
Attire: Casual
Prices: E- $8 M- $11 D- $5
Payment Options:
Visa, Mastercard, Debit/Eftpos

Hours: Monday: Closed
              Tuesday - Thursday: Lunch 11pm - 3pm Dinner 4pm - 9pm
               Friday: Lunch 11pm - 3pm Dinner 4pm - 10:30pm
               Saturday Lunch 11pm - 3pm Dinner 4pm - 9pm
               Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Reservations? Walk-ins welcomed
Handicap Accessible? Yes 
Vegetarian Friendly? Yes
Vegan Friendly? No



                       Quality of Food: 3.5/5
                        Service: 3/5
                        Originality: 4/5
                        Atmosphere: 3/5

My friend Nancy has been Blackberry Messaging me while I've been on Pelee Island. She insisted when I come home to Leamington, we must go out for lunch at Roy Thai. 

Roy Thai is a restaurant which has appeared in the heart of the town only a couple years ago. Between my ferry departure time and her work schedule, only lunch really worked. Nancy sent me the menu via email the night before and I replied with my selection of Tom Yum Soup with tofu and vegetables substituted in for the meat, as well as a staple for Thai Cuisine -- Pad Thai with Prawns.

I met Nancy at Roy Thai the next day around 12:30pm, the restaurant seemingly empty for what I would have expected to be a Friday lunch-rush. Food was already on our table, and looked incredibly delicious. I dove right in.

Galangal: Spicer than Ginger
The Tom Yum Soup was really good, you can tell the broth is made onsite, using fresh ingredients, an incredibly authentic. How authentic? While eating the soup, I thought I saw a piece of chicken floating around in the broth. I decided to take a bite to confirm my initial guess. Definitely WASN'T chicken. It had a similar texture and taste to ginger, only much spicier with a slight tangy flavour. I had to ask. Turns out it is an ingredient used in Thai cuisine called galangal.

A Similar Looking Pad Thai
My second dish was the Pad Thai. It is a stir-fried rice noodle dish with Thai tamarind sauce, bean sprouts, garnished with roasted peanuts and lime. It wasn't the best I have had (Cookie in Melbourne, Australia has my favourite version) but it was definitely still enjoyable. I reckon it could have used a bit more tamarind, just to give it more of that tangy flavour I enjoy.

Nancy ordered (as she always does) the Pad Kee Mao. Or as she likes to call it... the #22. The dish is a a stir-fried dish with garlic, white/green onions, sweet peppers, mushrooms, thai basil with rice noodles and oyster sauce. Mushrooms got donated to my pad thai plate (she isn't a fan of mushrooms) but other than that she seemed to really enjoy it as well. For her returning more than once and ordering the same dish, she must REALLY enjoy it ;)

Overall, this is no fancy Thai Restaurant, but definitely somewhere where you can enjoy a nice, quick bite to eat. The food is cheap, the service is friendly, and probably most important of all the food is authentic and delicious. Let's put it this way, the food was so good that I didn't even get a chance to snap pictures of how good it looked on the plate :)



Anonymous at: Thursday, June 13, 2013 10:48:00 AM said...

I went in for lunch and the fresh spring rolls were double the price from the place on erie street.
I thought a thai soup would be large and it turned out to be more of a "cup" with no soybeans or lime on the side, I ordered it spicy, it was not spicy, I also ordered it without onions (which was outlined on the bill when i went to pay) and it had LOTS of onions. It stated a price of 7.95 on the lunch menu and I ended up paying 8.95....
also my collegue ordered his noodle dish which was good.... but came out when I was completely done eating??? took a very long time to eat there and we were the only ones in the restaurant. all in all 3 chicken fresh rolls, a cup of tom yum soup and a noodle dish (also on lunch special menu) came to $30.
I will NOT be returning or recommending this place to anyone. Go to the place across from the Leamington library its much better and cheaper.

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